Cool Trick On A Calculator

In this video, I show you a cool trick that you can do on a calculator to show off in any gathering. Works best on iPhone calculator but also works with most mobile phone calculators.

Ability to calculate in your head can build your confidence and improve your studies like no other skill. And when it does, you earn the opportunity to change lives. Master The Numbers. Help Your Class Fellows.

If you are a student of grade 6 to grade 10, this channel is particularly for you and for all others who want to be able to calculate in their heads? We help you master the numbers, play with them, manipulate them, calculate and handle big numbers in your head, and much more. Wonder what these skills can do to you?

– Boost your confidence.
– Show off. Become life of every gathering.
– Stop struggling in Math.
– Improve grades.
– Break calculations world records.
– Make you look like a genius.
– Most importantly, help others.

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