The Hellsing Symphony (Epic/Dark/Sad Ost Playlist)


Hey there, I wasn’t really planning on uploading this video at first, since it didn’t have many soundtracks that I could use, but since many of you asked for it, I compromised a bit, and included some epic/jazzy soundtracks that normally would be excluded. (But who cares, they sound awesome) Btw sorry for the quality of the images, but hellsing has burned me before for uploading pictures from the anime, so I didn’t put many in.

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0:00 Gradus Vita
2:34 Lambs of the Tea Ceremony
4:13 Inu No Koku
7:04 Shinobiashi Sasuriashi
9:42 Monster of God
12:00 Letze Bataillon
15:21 People Feel the Bells Ring
16:57 Target Insight
20:37 Badrick
22:41 Die Fledermaus
26:44 EMIA
29:30 Priest’s Pride Before the Fall
31:51 Father Anderson’s Invasion
33:49 Demeter
36:05 Ireo Ireo!
38:15 March of a Black Dog
41:47 Merche Funebre

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