Lady Gaga – Judas PARODY! Key Of Awesome #42

Lady Gaga doesn’t want Judas, or Lord Gaga… She wants the Bearded Nun! Key Of Awesome #42!

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You ask where I get my ideas from
I used to get them from my gay husband
But, predictable is what he has become
So now I only listen to the nun
HA ha ha ha ha ha
Oh that’s a good one you are comedian
I’m don’t know what he is
but I think he’s the shiz
So I’m worshipping the bearded nu-un
I know a lot Tranny’s,
geeks, and Circus freaks
But he’s easily the weirdest one
I’m not sure if it ‘s a dude cus
I’ve never seen it nude
Puts on lipstick with a gun
The Father, son , and bearded nun
Gaga I’m home I brought food for the gnomes
Are you here alone
What the Gaga
How the hell could you do this to me?
Get thee to a bearded nunnery!
What are you doing home on a school day?
School is closed for Kathy Griffin Day
I challenge you to weird off
Of five rounds the loser leaves town
This is the championship
It will decide who is hip
He’s Lord Gaga’s first attempt
Ohh that was nice
And now the nuns at the plate
He slaps a cat in the face
And builds a gingerbread house with his mind
Here’s Lord Gagas retort
He’s putting on his cheese shorts
And then he brings out some mice
okay that’s weird
Looks like the nuns on the ropes
He calls in the bearded pope
Who gets a razor and shaves off his beard
I guess that means he won
But now his beard is gone
And that’s where he got his power from
Bearded Bearded nun
I think we’re done
Dear Gay Husband
Accept my Apologaga


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