Relaxing Music Epic Fantasy

0:00- A way of Life (The last Samurai-Hans Zimmer)
8:05- Frostfall (Skyrim-Jeremy Soule)
11:32- Prologue -The Bitter Steppes of the West (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
14:32- A Lannister Always Pays His Debts (Game of Thrones-Ramin Djawadi)
17:23- Awake (Skyrim -Jeremy Soule)
18:57- The Sands of Forgetfulness –Tortage Beach (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
21:44- Helos (Titan Quest- Scott B. Morton, Michael Verrette)
22:54- Breath of Life (The Lord of the Rings)
26:53- From Past to Present (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule )
31:58- The Damp Barachan Nights (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
35:22- The Mountains of Night (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
37:27- Goodbye Brother (Game of Thrones-Ramin Djawadi)
43:51- Kyne’s Peace (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
47:42- Northern Grasslands (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
50:02- Vista Point (Gothic3- Kai Rosenkranz)
53:00- Ancient Stones (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
57:47- Dark Wings, Dark Words (Game of Thrones-Ramin Djawadi)
1:00:35- The City Gates (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:04:24- The gentle God (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
1:07:13- Winterfell (Game of Thrones-Ramin Djawadi)
1:09:58- Aurora (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:17:20- Villages Of Khitai (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
1:20:01- You know nothing (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
1:23:20- Twilight and Shadow (The Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore)
1:26:50- The Lure of Atali (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
1:30:21- The Streets of Whiterun (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:34:28- Kingslayer (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
1:36:38- I Am Hers, She Is Mine (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
1:38:57- Seven Thousand Steps (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:40:05- Under an Ancient Sun (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:43:48- A golden crown (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
1:45:28- Solitude (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:47:40- The White River (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:51:11- Hamlets of Aquilonia (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
1:53:04- A Bird Without Feathers (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
1:55:07- Distant Horizons (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
1:59:01- Standing Stones (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:05:40- The Gathering Storm (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:08:35- Dawn (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:12:35- Sky Above, Voice Within (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:16:35- Silken wind through the bamboo forest (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
2:18:50- You’ll Be Queen One Day (Game of Thrones)
2:20:27- Tundra (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:24:19- Journey’s End (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:28:30- Heir To Winterfell (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
2:30:42- Secunda (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:32:48- The Old Gods And The New (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
2:35:28- Dragon ( Shigeru Umebayashi- True legend)
2:37:30- The Grey Havens (The Lord of the Rings)
2:43:30- Imperial Throne (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:45:52- Wind Guide You (Skyrim- Jeremy Soule)
2:54:58- Mother of Dragons (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
2:57:32- For the Realm (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi )
2:59:05- The Purple Lotus Swamp (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen
3:02:07- Kill Them All (Game of Thrones -Ramin Djawadi)
3:04:37- Message For The Queen (300 soundtrack- actually this is Macedonian song “Zajdi, Zajdi”)
3:07:10- Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
3:08:46- The Dreaming Anew- Memories of Cimmeria (Age of Conan- Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
3:12:17- When the Sun Rises in the West (Game of Thrones- Ramin Djawadi)
3:14:57- For The Love Of A Princess (Braveheart- James Horner)
3:19:03- Progeny (Gladiator -Hans Zimmer)
3:21:18- The wheat (Gladiator- Hans Zimmer)
3:22:22- Earth (Gladiator- Hans Zimmer)
3:24:08- Honor Him (Gladiator- Hans Zimmer)
3:25:24- The emperor is dead (Gladiator- Hans Zimmer)
3:26:46- Strength and Honor (Gladiator- Hans Zimmer)
3:30:15- Evenstar (The Lord of the Rings)
3:33:30- A Hard Teacher (The Last Samurai- Hans Zimmer)
3:39:15- A Small Measure of Peace (The Last Samurai- Hans Zimmer)


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